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                          PLEAS READ DISCLAIMER BELOW

   Please remember that all images are NOT to "Scale" which means they are NOT actual size as your monitor may show. In some cases the piece is displayed larger to show the beautiful fine detail. The description; size & weight of each piece is listed within the photograph or near description of each item.
 All gram weights & measurements are approximate. All color photographs are dependant on web thechnology and actual colors may be slightly different from the actual piece. Some pieces shown are NOT solid, please email if you have questions! Please READ and understand all policies before ordering. If you have any question(s) do NOT hesitate to ask.  

* All sales are FINAL "As Is" - No Exceptions.

* NO Refunds, Exchanges, or Partial Refunds.

* All prices listed are in US dollars.

* Stolen in shipment return costs after INSURANCE claim

* Damaged in shipment replaced after INSURANCE claim


To Convert Italian Millimeters to Inches

   Because of the frequent changes in GOLD prices, and CURRENCY rate exchanges (Italian EURO vs US Dollar) email us for current price, availability, and pay pal purchase link. IMPORTANT please write  VICCARONE   on your email subject line.                         

                                                                  " HOW TO ORDER "       

  Credit Cards:   All order's are processed thru "Pay Pal" only NO exceptions! Simply click on the image of the jewelry you would like to purchase and you will be instantly brought to the "Pay Pal" check out page.  If the image can NOT be clicked on email for availability, current pricing, and "Pay Pal" purchase link.
Once payment is received & confirmed through "pay pal" you are also confirming that you have "READ, AGREE, & ACCEPT the above & below disclosure- disclaimer.

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All of your shopping transactions are 100% secure. We use the Internet standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

encryption to protect your privacy and secure your transactions. SSL encrypts all your personal account information and secures your credit card information when ordering. If you are paying by credit card, you will be redirected to PayPal secure payment gateway, which protects
and conceals your private information on a secure SSL server.

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                                            US BANK MONEY ORDERS PAYMENT OPTION

 How to ORDER: You will receive an e-mail notification as soon as we receive your US Bank Check or US Money Order upon its arrival.

Mail US Bank Check or US Postal Money Order Payable to:

     Attn: Billing Department

All Money Orders must be payable in United States Dollars. US Money Orders can be obtained from your local bank or post office in the United States. Please note that we may require a grace period of 15 business days to clear select Money Orders. This is only if our accounting department is unable to verify the authenticity of the US Bank Check or US Postal Money Order.


Before Mailing your payment:

Complete mailing ONLY after you have submitted your order successfully via email and you have generated a email receipt from us first.

•Mail US Bank Check or US Postal Money Order AT LEAST with a Certificate PROOF of Mailing,
we recommend that you send it by USPS mail so that you can receive a proof of delivery. Please note that the loss or replacement of your mailing will be your responsibility UNTIL it is delivered to "VIP GIFTS" successfully.

•Include Your e-Mail Address and Order Number with the Mail
Be sure to include your order number and e-mail address in your mail so that we can match with our records and notify you immediately.

•When will My Order Ship?
Your order will ship immediately after the US Bank check or US Postal Money Order has been received and cleared by our bank. However, it can take longer depending on your ban
ks policy rules and our banks authority to release funds based on its clearing schedule.



All SALES ARE FINAL “As Is”  -  No Returns or Exchanges. Please measure and
order carefully to be sure you get products that work for you. If unsure please
ask before your order.

Unless noted otherwise, all dimensions provided will be assumed
to be aprox. finished dimensions when listed by width, height. length, and color. This also includes SOLID or HOLLOW pieces.


We do NOT sell USED jewelry

We will not discount, accept returns, should you locate any item(s)  else where at a lower price.

We have NO paper catalog or CD catalog to send out, however we take requests
for hard to find item(s), email for us for any requests. 

No telephone or mail orders accepted - PAY PAL,  US Bank Check or US Postal Money Orders accepted ONLY.

Orders are shipped via our shipping office in the USA where we keep a large volume of our stock
this way we can keep shipping costs down and our customers abroad pay NO entry tax's.        

Jewelry will be replaced
or repaired when a loss, theft, and or damage-defect occur during shipping ONLY, NO exceptions. NO REFUNDS.

VERY IMPORTANT !!   If you need the item(s) prior to a specific date for a gift or a
special occasion " DO NOT " order unless you email to be sure we can satisfy
your needs in this time frame. NO order will be refunded OR canceled for this
reason - NO exceptions ! Delivery time is 2-3 weeks to complete order.

E-CHECK ORDERS: Your order is not processed until the e-check process is
completed, 1-2 weeks depending on your bank regulations. Keep this in mind
when ordering if needed before a specific date or occasion.

We will NOT deliver to a PO BOX of any kind this includes U.S. "MILITARY"

NO over night shipping services outside Sicily are available.

For security reasons we will NOT assist in changing a shipping address, buyers name,
location, or destination, from the shipping information received by pay pal.

We will not be responsible, refund, or pay ANY monies, if the shipping 
address you list can not be accessed by UPS - FED EX  -USPS  for signature 
due to security systems or any difficult entry conditions.

We will NOT assist or be held responsible if any customer gives authority to any other person(s)
to receive or sign for your package.

We will NOT take orders when billing information - shipping addresses 
are different, NO exceptions.

To protect our customers we reserve the right at anytime to contact "pay pal"  
have them confirm the purchase with the buyer and or card holder prior to
accepting the order - shipment. 

We will NOT rush or by-pass these policies when a buyer offer's to pay 
additional costs for security issues.  

All 18kt is made in Sicily or Italy, some 14kt gold is made in the USA 
or other countries. Where to locate the ORIGIN of each piece info can
be found listed to the right of the image. If you want to be sure please

Please allow up to at least 2-4 weeks for the complete ordering process.

Shipping ONLY to Italy, USA, & Canada, NO orders taken outside
these countries unless approved by staff at VIP.  

We do NOT have access to or can we view your credit card details.

We do NOT sell gold filled or plated jewelry. All jewelry is stamped with a 
14kt or 18kt pieces may have European (Italy Sicily) markings [14kt=585] 
[18kt=750] [Silver=950] Or do we sell second hand used items.

During the main holiday periods, during
Italian season of Ferragosto {August & September} in Italy for example;  the crafting, delivery, & processing, times will be slightly longer than usual: we advise our customers to order in advance.  Main holidays as Easter and Christmas are included. 

 We have the right at anytime to decline a purchase.     

Email prices quotes are subject to change without NOTICE.


We attempt to keep the information on this site as current and error free as possible. We are not bound by typographical errors resulting in inaccuracies with regard to prices, product specifications or availability.

Once your payment is  received  you are confirming that you have "READ, AGREE, & ACCEPT,  the entire disclosure on this page.


Identification markings used by Italian goldsmiths.   

*If you need the "BALE" of your piece a particular diameter OR size needed to fit a chain you own it is YOUR responsibility to make us aware of the size when ordering, this is not a reason for a refund or payment in any form. 

Customer will NOT be refunded the original shipping/handling/insurance/country entry tax charges or the "PayPal" processing fee. If damged or stolen, return shipping costs will be paid by customer.

The prices listed on this web site supersede any past publication. The original shipping fee which is NOT refunded is the total sum in EURO's to the exchange rate in your currency.  NO exceptions! 

Shipping may be delayed when products from Italy need to be crafted in the month of September & August of each year which many services i.e. [goldsmiths] may be closed for vacation season. 

Once your package is received in shipment according to our schedule policy, and there is a delay caused by; Mail Box Ect., FED EX, UPS, Postal Italiano, and or U.S. Postal Service., i.e., where their shipping services are delayed because of weather, accidents, lay off's, strikes, or extra security risk examination, this is NO fault of ours, therefore NO refund or returns are available.            

Shipping:  Shipping done by UPS, FED EX, or USPS,  with Fast-Insured-Secure service, "signature required".  At anytime we reserve the right to use the courier of choice one we feel would provide the absolute easiest- safest-secure method of shipping today. Due to security issues in the world today and signature required, **NO merchandise will be shipped to a P.O. Box., includes military P.O. Boxs. (These are UPS regulations here) 

Sellers are NOT responsible for service transit time. Transit times are provided by the carrier, exclude weekends and holidays, and may vary with package origin and desitinations, particularly during peak periods.





SHIPPING is included in all prices via  USPS, Registered-Priority-Insured-Tracking mail. Items are shipped via our office in the USA which allows us to keep our shipping costs down. At this office we keep a supply of a large quantity of our stock, which enables us to get our product to the customer sooner with  free ground shipping to the continental USA only!!

With some shipping services used you will be given a ID number to track your order. All shipping companies do NOToffer internet tracking services.  Some jewelry items will be shipped by Italian postal service or USPS unless UPS-FED EX service is requested by the buyer who is then responsible for the shipping fee. 

A family member here at V.I.P. will contact you by email to confirm your order and answer any questions you may have prior to shipping. All products are packaged by us to ensure quality and prevent damage.

Bill Duties & Taxs to be paid: In some States-Provinces [outside of Europe] the RECIPIENT-CUSTOMER will pay a minimum Custom fee, depending on the State-Province! *Shipping Fee differs on some Foreign Countries please email for shipping prices to countries othern then U.S.A. - USA customers pay ZERO COSTS for entry fee's !!!!!

Please note that if your package appears to have been opened or out of place customs agents in all countries have the right to inspect the contents at their discretion.

Keep in mind that some, or all, gift items may be a limited offer and their price & availability can change without notice.

 A price quote is subject to change, you MUST order in a timely manner due to the often changes in price of GOLD in the world market and the European euro exchange rates. We can NOT guarantee the price being the same if you order at a later time or date. 



1.   Every purchase you make shall be deemed performed in Italy or the U.S.A.. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed, construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Italy and or the U.S.A.,  The courts of Italy or the United States Of America shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes relating the terms and conditions mentioned above depending on the legal country of incident, claim, or violation civil and criminal.


This information is provided to facilitate fair business practices for both the customer and Viccarone. Italian. Preziosi. -18kt Italian Sicilian Jewelry & Gifts.

Our Goal, as always, is to provide the best product and service in our industry. In order to provide quality service to all our customers the policies, procedures, and conditions must be adherd to strictly.


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